A Busy Waiting Room Essay

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On a late Friday afternoon, the waiting room is crowded with people, and the horrid smell of wet dogs hangs in the air. The vague scent of the disinfectants does little to hide the stunk. Because of the impatience of the people, a tense atmosphere fills the cold room.Outside, one can here rain pouring hard on the tiled roof. A waterfall of dirt from the unclean gutters splashes hard on the doorstep of the Animal Hospital. One can also hear the screeching sound of tyres slipping on the wet gravel road. A beggar is standing on a corner at the stop street, desperately wanting something warm to ease his shivering body. However, not a single soul stops to give the unfortunate man a small ...view middle of the document...

In an obscure corner of the room, sits a humble man. His clothes are ragged and old. A beautiful parrot is comfortably positioned on the man’s right shoulder. The bird has a remarkable pinkish-blue colour. It seems rather odd to me that this poor man is reluctant to be in the public eye with such a significant bird. Next to him, I can vaguely make out a black and white painting of a horse jumping over a hedge. Beneath the painting is a broad shelf holding what seems like an endless supply of animal food. On the reception counter are a stand with multicoloured collars and another stand containing pamphlets like “Caring for your pet” and “Basic guidelines to training your dog”.I notice an old woman sitting on a wooden chair, with an enormous cat lying obediently on her lap. The woman is meekly stroking her hand over the blue Persian’s long fur coat. One of the cat’s eyes is blind and it has an open wound on one of its front paws. The woman’s cheeks are pale and her countenance intense. It seems as though her once jovial spirit has been drained out of her. Her mournful eyes tell only one story. One of sadness and loneliness that lies ahead for her after her beloved cat is put to sleep.The room is given immediate warmth after the receptionist turns on the lights. The greater part of the room is filled with light. A few people’s expressions become friendlier. A sleeping husky wakes up and submissively lays on the floor, while gently licking his owners hand. The love between man and his dog is visible, despite the noise and crammed conditions of the busy waiting room.

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