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A Call For A Ban On Human Genetic Engineering

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Back in the 1800’s there were no technological advances people used to die from diseases such as fever or something as simple as a cold. Nowadays technology and discoveries have determined an after and before in the field of medicine and disease control. For some who experienced the epoch where there were no X-rays or chemotherapy this seems to be the medicine heyday. But for those who were born in the 20th century is just the beginning of an era of medical advances and cures to the diseases that we didn’t even realized they existed before. That’s were human engineering comes to the story as a solution to problems that were not faced before or maybe as a solution to the problems that don’t ...view middle of the document...

His argument is not clear and I struggled figuring out if he is against or in favor of human engineering. In the first five paragraphs looks like he is in favor putting examples in how human engineering may be the solution of problems like obesity and cognitive problems. In his own words “Why should a child struggle with reading difficulties when we could alter the genes responsible for the problem?” (Green 178). I’m about to answer his question, instead of trying to modify genes which can result in other more serious problems why not start a deep research of other causes of dyslexia other than inherited. Dyslexia can be also acquired after a trauma or stroke (Berkhan) this means that by changing genes they will find the solution only for the people who inherited the disease but, what is going to happen with those who acquired it?

I’m against all human engineering procedures for many reasons. First, the scientists who practice it don’t have any facts that guarantee that it will work. Second if we were to compare the list of illnesses caused by genetic disorders it falls short in front of acquired disorders or viruses. Based on a research of the University of Cincinnati 4 million babies are born each year only 3 to 4% will be born with a genetic disease or major birth defect. But even more interesting the fact that approximately 10% of all adults and 30% of children in hospitals are there due to genetically related problems (Nussbaum). So is genetic engineering a priority or is only a fancy way to justify scientist’s salaries? Instead of thinking about perfect babies and solutions for diseases that do not represent 1% of deaths every year lets starts finding cures for real problems. In 2013, The Center of Disease Control and Prevention published a list of the leading causes of death in the United States. Cancer heads the list which curiously 98% of the cases are caused by environmental factors such as carcinogenic chemicals in air, food and water; radiation and lifestyles (Heaf). So instead of thinking about gene therapy we should focus in how to attack these factors...

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