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The Occupy Movement has inspired a domino-like effect the world over, starting rebellions from the Americas to Asia. The universal vision of the movement is its aim to get the 99% to overthrow the rules decided and regulated by the rich, the powerful and the one percent for the greater benefit of the one percent. According to the anonymous writers of the official Occupy Movement page, “to occupy is to embody the spirit of liberation that we wish to manifest in our society. It is to exercise our freedom to assemble. We are creating space for community, values, ideas, and a level of meaningful dialogue that is absent in the present discourse” (OccupyWallSt.org, 2011). The circulation of this idea to reach an extensive spectrum of people has never been as easy as it is in today’s globalized world. The world, just a few decades ago, was very different from the world we see today. Today, information from one country can be accessed ten thousand miles away in a few seconds—and it is this type of access to information that makes the rebellions, sprouting all over, possible.

The amount of different opinions and ideas people in today’s society have is as great as the number of people who can access the Internet—the main thing that makes our world as globalized as it is. And all these people with Internet access can take action through occupation. A person who occupies the very streets the movement is being done in is another voice to the 99%, trying to change the old ways of politicians and company bigwigs. And with the movement’s growth, people continue and join the fight against dated practices still trying to be pushed forward by governments all over the world. The occupiers fight back; they do not stay in the clear; they fight for their rights. The Occupy Movement has inspired a revolutionary revolution, getting many to voice and fight for their beliefs with the use of modern technology.

Exactly what is the Occupy Movement trying to accomplish? It’s simple. The occupiers, mostly composed of average Joes, want to eliminate the outdated and inapplicable practices and rules in the world today. Most of the people in power are old men and women living by the rules of a decade that has gone passé. The people of the Occupy Movement aim to overthrow the outdated ideas that are still trying to be pushed now, and the occupiers intend to do this by using technology as an extended limb or digital war cry.

The Occupy Movement has truly digitized and brought into the new world the ways in which people come together to defend their rights as citizens of a swiftly globalizing society. People flock to online social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to demonstrate their outrage and beliefs toward systems set by the 1% that do not mesh with what the majority need or what the majority deems they need. People, who want to start a movement, go online and tell anyone with access to the Internet to join him or her in a stand against...

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