A Camparison Of The Presenatation Of The Main Characters As They Learn To Cope With The Situation They Face In Their Lives ; Three Books By Roddy Doyle

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Dissertation"A comparison of the presentation of the main characters as they learn to cope with the situation they face in their lives: "A Star Called Henry"; "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors"; " Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha" all by Roddy Doyle""The Woman Who Walked into Doors", "A Star Called Henry" and "Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha" are three heartbreaking novels written by Roddy Doyle. They all deal with harrowing issues such as poverty, bullying and domestic abuse. Although on the surface they appear to be different, they are intertwined with common themes and similarities. They are all set in Ireland and have related characters who suffer trials in their lives. Various techniques are used by Doyle to illustrate how the main characters are presented and how they deal with the situations in their lives. Henry Smart retells his story of how he survives, through the evolution of modern Ireland and his encounters with many characters in a detailed account of his reckless heroism throughout the years, to become a larger than life character who survives all that life throws at him. Paula Spencer is the Dublin housewife who has four children and two black eyes from her violent husband. The reader follows Paula's struggle to survive Charlo's abuse and we see the inner life of this battered housecleaner who is revealed to be made of things that heroes are made of. Paddy Clarke is ten years old and like every boy that age is obsessed with everything and wants to see and know everything. However Paddy is growing up and the reader follows fondly as he makes the transition from boy to man.The structures of these three novels are comparable as they do not follow the traditional chronological order. Doyle uses the technique of flashback to great effect to assemble the background of each story providing the reader with a greater insight. In "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors", the structure is appealing. It begins with the end of the story when a Guard comes to Paula's door. It is implied that Charlo, Paula's husband and perpetrator of all her troubles, is dead:"It was his face that told me before I was ready to know it. He wasn't looking for Charlo; it wasn't the usual" 1 Chapter Two continues with a flashback of Paula and Charlo's first meeting, setting the scene of their unstable relationship:"I swooned the first time I saw Charlo. I actually did" 2Paula recollects her teenage years meeting Charl0, who is:"Tallish, tough looking and smooth" 3The contradictory description of "tough looking" and "smooth" conveys the idea that their relationship is going to be volatile, Charlo's description portraying his diverse and unpredictable character.This description is then juxtaposed with a depiction revealing the state of their relationship in the present time;"It was different; it was perfect. I'm able to remember it without what came after, the bad years and the terrible years."4In the beginning Paula was excited, vibrant and looking forward to a relationship with...

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