A Career As A Navy Physician

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Out of many jobs being a Naval Physician is one of the most rewarding! This job allows extensively trained medics to help our soldiers and those less fortunate at home and abroad. I have chosen this topic because it is what interests me as a future career.
A physician is defined as a person qualified to practice medicine which I realize is a very broad definition, but it’s history is very rich. The practice of being a physician can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The first recorded physician was Hippocrates of Ancient Greek who lived two thousand and five hundred years ago, but some of his methods still affect modern practices. Later, other great civilizations followed suit ...view middle of the document...

The Navy also requires U.S. citizenship but both have thorough background checks. (Santiago, Andrea. "Medical Degrees & Education Required for Physician Careers.")
As a member of the Navy Medical Corps one may serve in one or more of the two hundred and fifty top of the line medical facilities around the world. Members may also work in the highly acclaimed National Navy Medical Centers within the United States to stay close to home. Among the on land facilities Navy physicians may be sent to work on one of two dedicated hospital ships the USNS Comfort or the USNS Mercy. At times this career will be stressful, there will be much interaction with others, and may be dangerous but the end result is very rewarding. Navy physicians will work with the most advanced and recent tools and techniques in medicine to allow much safer conditions for you and the patients. In summary a Navy physicians work environment is pretty safe, low on stress, and very rewarding. ("Navy Doctor: Move Your Medical Career beyond Routine Physician.")
As a military doctor you have a few but important tasks to follow. These doctors must provide top of the line medical care to sailors, marines, service members, their families, and if called upon humanity at large. Other than that you will do what a regular physician does and simply diagnose ailments, treat injuries, and occasionally save lives. Out of routine Navy doctors will work side-by-side on disaster relief efforts with FEMA, USAID, and Project Hope by providing medical care to those people in need. ("Navy Doctor: Move Your Medical Career beyond Routine Physician.")
A military doctors salary is mainly based on years of service, speciality, and rank. The more years and higher the rank the more one earns per year, but if your specialty literally saves lives daily you get a higher pay. For example, a general surgeon (minor surgery) will get paid more than a dentist.This wage is equal to or greater than $180,000 per year or $90.00 per hour before taxes or bonuses (The military does not tax your pay). Plus with twenty years of...

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