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A Career As A Neuroscience Researcher

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The science world, as a whole, knows very little about the brain and nervous system and how the one organ and its companion system can make up a person. They also do not fully understand the diseases that genetically alter how the brain works. The neuroscience researchers are faced with a new puzzle every day. They are the pioneers of the neuroscience field. These are the people that I want to be considered part of. I have, as a result of wanting this future, explored the career environment and why it is the best choice for me.
There is a lot that comes with being a medical scientist. The general definition of a medical scientist, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), are ...view middle of the document...

This salary is from working full time (BLS, np). The BLS has also done research into the projected growth of the medical science field, and while not exponentially growing, its expected growth rate is a modest growth of 13% between the years 2012 and 2022 (BLS, np). This, however, is only for the medical scientist occupation as a whole. I feel as if there are many more people who are becoming interested in explaining how the mind and human body works. What little bit of the brain we understand, there is so much more that we do not. In order to get this job, one must get an education from an accredited school.
I will be attending University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in the fall. While it is not currently ranked very high, I believe it will one day climb its way to the top of all lists. I believe the reason it has not already is that it is still a relatively new undergraduate program. The one at UAB is actually the only one in the state of Alabama as a whole. There is a very low number of undergraduate neuroscience programs in the United States, in proportion to how many colleges we have. This highlights the fact of how new the field of neuroscience is, allowing for a lot of new jobs for the upcoming workforce. As far as the courses needed to get an undergraduate degree in neuroscience, through UAB, I will be taking eight credits of Biology, fifteen credits of Chemistry, fourteen credits of Neurobiology, six credits of advanced Neuroscience, four credits of Physics, three credits of Bioethics, six hours of Written Composition, and twelve hours of Humanities and Fine Arts, all while taking part in constant research (UAB, np). While the research I am required to take part in during my undergraduate schooling might be a little rough, it will help me get into the graduate program. It is also helpful that I plan on going into graduate school because research labs will want me more, because they will be able to have me longer, rather than having to train someone new after four years. According to the BLS, medical scientists, at entry-level, need to have a doctoral or professional degree (BLS, np). In order to get one of these degrees, I will have to also go into the graduate Neuroscience program.
“Neuroscience research” is not a phrase that most people hear in everyday conversation, and that makes it all the better option for me and anyone interested in problem solving. It is an emerging field, so there will be a lot of job opportunities. Researchers are in constant state of learning and finding answers to questions. Being a researcher is something that does not require perfection, only creativity and passion for understanding. Science is notorious for which one can learn just as much, if not more, from failure than success. This would more than likely...

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