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A Career As A Photonics Or Optics Specialist

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Photonics / Optics Specialist

Kathryn Craig
Mr. West
April 17, 2014
Often overlooked, light plays a big factor in everyday life; it is the key to survival. Light is used for everything from cellular respiration to the lasers in DVD players. Photonics and optics both involve the study of light. Photonics is the study of how light can be used to transfer information. Meanwhile, optics focuses mainly on the way light affects and is affected by other things. An optics or photonics specialist is the name given to someone who has expertise in these fields.

In Ontario, there are four post-secondary schools that offer programs relating to the study of ...view middle of the document...

Both courses require a 4U or 4C english, a 4U or 4C math and a 3U, 4U or 4C physics. The two programs are: Photonics Engineering Technician, and Photonics Engineering Technology. They run two and three years respectively. The courses offered by all of these programs focus on laser, optical and vacuum technologies. As well as this, they involve concepts like wiring strategies, electrical principles, mathematics, digital technology, laser and photonics theory and principles of light sources and lasers.

After completing post-secondary, people wishing to become a photonics or optics specialist must first become certified. In order to do this they have to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge by passing the Photonics Technician Specialist Certification exam with at least 75% in each section. The different sections focus on topics like applied mathematics, principles of optics, basics of laser physics and devices, as well as safety. On top of that, hands-on experience is necessary. This can be obtained through the student’s schooling period. Laser device and system skills, photonic and optical components, electronic skills and basic technical skills will be observed by the student’s supervisor for them to get credit...

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