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A Career As A Flight Nurse

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Every job has its positives and negatives to it but if your job is doing something you love, you will never work a day in your life. If someone enjoy helping, saving, and doing good for people, the medical field should be interesting to him or her. The great thing about the medical field is that it is so broad that there is a job for anyone and everyone out there no matter their skill set. For someone who is more of an adrenaline junky and into upbeat and exciting, fast pace work, the trauma side of the medical field would be for him or her, such as a Flight Nurse.
A Flight Nurses job is mainly to provide flight emergency medical care to someone who is seriously injured or sick and needs to be transported to the nearest hospital that is able to provide what they need very quickly, quicker than an ambulance is able to get them there. An example of a situation when someone would need medflighted out of an area would be if a hunter was attacked far out in the mountains, miles from a hospital, by an animal that nearly killed him or her but they were able to call for help. First a medical team would be sent in to locate and stabilize the injured hunter then relocate him or her to an area where a helicopter could hover closely over or land that way a medflight team would be able to load the injured hunter onto the helicopter and rescue them.

Although the first Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) Exam was not administered until 1993, nurses with the clinical expertise have existed for decades. Flight nursing's history can be traced back to 1925 when the U.S. Army Air Corps established a medical division strictly for healthcare purposes. Although it was not until World War II that the concept of medical air transport was openly embraced. From then on, all the program did was grow. After that the U.S. armed forces began regularly deploying aircrafts with nurses to remove injured soldiers from combat fields or to transfer them to better-equipped medical facilities. The help these nurses provided resulted in a substantial reduction in the death rates of military personnel. Medical air transport, however, is certainly not restricted to military use, nor is the specialty limited solely to enlisted personnel. Since the early 1980s, a growing number of civilian staff in hospitals, healthcare systems, and private companies have joined in the field. In the nearly 75 years since WWII, the number of flight nurses alone has more than tripled.

Karen Thurmond, a flight nurse in Orlando Florida, gives a quick insight about her daily life on the job,
“When we come in every day, we never know where we’re going to go or who we’re going to meet. We know we may be going to I-75 or maybe [an accident on] a bridge, but we don’t know how many patients. We don’t know if it’s a child or an elderly person. So there’s excitement in not knowing...We have equipment to deal with any emergencies. We have lifesaving interventions to get somebody breathing again, to get their...

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