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A Career As A Veterinary Technician

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Working in the medical field can be stressful and any care team must be able to think critically and efficiently. Most importantly, the care team must work together, facing the many circumstances life can bring into those double-doors. Whether it be as a nurse, medical assistant, veterinarian or as a veterinary technician, there is one common goal they all share, and that is to save lives and heal the ill in any way that they possibly can.
I believe as a veterinary technician I will be faced with many challenges and heartache on a daily basis. I will be introduced to situations that can be hard to bare--seeing animals that show the typical signs and symptoms of malnourishment and abuse. ...view middle of the document...

Just seeing an animal in pain stresses me to act--to help them immediately. Every single animal experiences feelings and have emotions exactly like any human being. I strongly believe any and every animal deserves the same amount of care and treatment. I have always wanted to work with animals, specifically domestics. The animals I have been around have never intimidated or frightened me, I feel as if I am already their friends, I have a strong communication with them simply because I do not show any means of intimidation or fear. Animals are certainly interesting and the mysteries lie behind them being mute. They cannot talk, automatically making it difficult to assume immediately what is hurting them or gathering a diagnosis without further observation and lab work. I yearn to gain more knowledge about them. I have had much experience in the past working in a medical/care setting with humans. This brought me to the realization that I work much better with animals. Even though animals cannot talk, I feel as if I can communicate and understand them better compared to an actual person. I can communicate much more comfortably with animals whether it be by body language or touch. I believe that animals do so much for us today such as canines; aiding the blind across a street, detecting seizures, smelling out bombs and drugs for our policemen, for the safety of the people. Simply protecting their own families and being a man’s best friend. The least I can do is aid in the treatment and heal them, be there for them when they were certainly there for me.
I have experience with domestic animals. I grew up around and still live with dogs. I have never had just one, my family and I are dog extremists. We treat all...

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