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A Career In Career Counseling Essay

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Careers is not something to be taken in a light manner as it acts as a major function in every being’s life. Career dysfunctional may results in decreased self confidence, increased interpersonal communication problems or traces of depression. According to Beverly Baskin, the term career can be defined as the the totality of work one does in one’s lifetime. Given this definition, education, family responsibilities, work and leisure activities are inclusive.

Vocational counseling is a career concentrated for individuals who needs to attain work coming in contact with counselors to help individuals evaluate or improve skills, developing and learning methods to obtain a job. While client and counselor are to come into contact, counselor can recognize the client’s enthusiasm achieved by conversations and perhaps surveys done. With these steps done, the counselor have the ability to distinguish the client’s abilities. With certain strengths and skills possessed by the client being identified it is possible to start applying for work. Otherwise, the counselor might recommend clients for certain programmes according to one’s interests. Vocational counseling is oftenly of a shorter duration consisting of a few sessions unless clients are unsuccessful while looking for work or because of the lengthy training they have to obtain. Thus majority of vocational counseling is low in cost or at no cost as it varies.

Career counseling is designed for individuals who needs confidential guidance in different areas of study such as experiencing indecision towards their future career path, to discover opportunities , crises such as dismissal or even unhappiness in their work. Career counseling involves coming in contact with a trained career counselor in either a one or one or a group setting to guide individuals in the best possible direction. In career counseling, a career counselor helps client to gain knowledge about specific careers, increase self awareness, sets realistic goals or by offering support in tough or decision making times to attain an even satisfying life. Guiding clients for career choices comes with a certain difficulty therefore specialized training is required. Most of the career counselors holds minimally a master’s degree in counseling providing them the necessary competence to assess and brings out the underlying drive in clients.

The advantages of career counseling are tremendous. Aside from counselors guiding individuals to the best possible direction in their career paths, it assist clients in sustains between personal and careerist life. Objectives maintained by career counseling does not only ends here. Points like, personal insights, broader visions having a grip for responsibilities can be achieved. To attain that, career counselors have to gauge the skills, traits and interests of clients and in the procedure checks for aptitude level towards some specified work. As conscious comes into existence with people, the hovering stress...

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