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A Career In Communication Essay

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I am a communication strategist, who came from chemical science degree with the passion of developing exceptional product or service and bring them into the business. I always question myself and seek for the true reason behind every marketing movement that attracts my attention.

I graduated in applied chemistry science, which gave me a strong fundamental to my analytic skills and excellent overview of industrial business. The specific core courses throughout this program allowed me to explore not only scientific techniques, but also business management subjects, which have sparked my interest of marketing during my undergraduate time.

However, despite my applied chemical science degree, I decided to challenge myself by starting my career in the marketing field in order to expand my knowledge and with an eager to learn more. I began to study throughout internship as marketing executive ...view middle of the document...

Conducting strategic presentations for client’s approval, analyzing researches and insights to identify client’s business flaws. This employment also provided me with opportunities to work with a wide range of market industries, and experiences in several online campaigns and content design. I deiced to move on to a worldwide reputable brand for chemical maintenance products called “CRC”, which I can blend in both marketing and chemical science skill into practice.

As a regional distributor for CRC, AMS International Company is responsible for marketing and distribution of CRC chemical goods, imported from USA and Australia, in Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. As a brand-marketing manager for AMS, I have to deal with brand’s marketing communication plans, advertorial, sales promotion and market exploration. International business negotiation is also a part of my responsibility.

After completion of master’s program, my goal is to return to AMS International, to expand the business further to other countries in Southeast Asia, as it will become a free-trade region in the very near future (AEC). Therefore, due to the changes of the market circumstances, I would like to study specific problem areas to achieve more understanding of various issues in global marketing, and to fulfill my academic marketing theory that I was lacked during my studies in undergraduate program.

Applying at Hult International Business School, Master Of International Marketing in San Francisco will provide me with theoretical understanding in depth idea of practical approaches in aiding strategic decision-making and real world experience to enable me to develop expertise in the core areas of international marketing. Moreover, it will also provide an opportunity to exchange and to explore ideas with the world’s professionals that Hult has to offer through the master program. It will be a huge eye opening of my marketing horizon that will enable me to understand more and to apply my skills to achieve my career goal in the future.

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