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A Career In Education Essay

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A career in education can be a rewarding yet challenging field. Becoming a teacher is a unique career in which there will be various titles, from being a communicator, social worker, disciplinarian, evaluator, role model, and at times a parent. Being able to change the lives and mold minds of young children is something I have always wanted to do. Throughout my research and personal interview, I have discovered what my salary will be like, the lifestyle impact, future projections, and the credential requirements needed to accomplish becoming an educator.

The requirements for becoming an educator vary from state to state because each state has its own set of rules when it comes to their educators. For example, Wisconsin requires that their educators have a Bachelor’s degree, pass the Praxis II exam and the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) and that they know how to communicate, have knowledge of what they are teaching, understand different learning styles, children’s growth, know how to evaluate, manage a classroom and plan lessons (Teacher Education, Professional Development & Licensing). For UWM graduation requirements, I must complete a human relations class so that I know how to understand different cultures and how to communicate with different types of people. I also must have credits in fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences; a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all professional education coursework, a full day/semester during the final year of the program for field experience, and earn a C or better in student teaching to be eligible (Academic Programs).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the future employment projection for educators is expected to grow 17% from 2010 to 2020 simply because of the increase of enrollment and the decrease of student teachers. The students expected in the next decade are estimated to grow; enrollment in the Midwest is expected to stay at a constant rate. If I chose to move down south, the enrollment rate for students is at a much higher rate and is expected to grow significantly. Also, because a lot of teachers are expected to retire in the next decade that means a lot more openings for incoming teachers, although it may be difficult to find a job when I graduate because there are a significant large number of highly trained teachers to teach kindergarten (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

I completed my interview with a family friend, Maria Castro who works at the Legacy Academy of Excellence and has been for several years and also picked up a few things from when I did my internship for my senior year in high school. Maria gave me the pros and cons of becoming an educator. She told me how rewarding it is to be able to teach children and watch how much they learn. She also explained to me the difficulties of working with other people and also dealing with behavioral issues of the children and even sometimes the parents and how maintaining professional is one of the hardest things...

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