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A Career In Film And Video Production

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if I were to start this essay by telling you that as a child, I spent most of my time drawing and loving it. It’s something that most of us start loving when we’re little, our appreciation for art starts out when we’re most curious and ignorant about our surroundings. As a little kid, I spent most of my time drawing cartoon characters and abnormal shapes that just seemed funny and original to me. As time progress, only a few of us maintain this type of appreciation for art and for some of us, it diverse into something else. After 5th grade, I forgot how to draw; however, I become more interested in video editing. During my 7th grade years, I started practicing video editing using video game footage with the help of some online friends. A video website called Vimeo is used by many video editors of different region, ready to express their style of editing. I was mainly motivated by them, not of one editor in particular, but they all had their own way of making their videos, their use of visual effects, sound track and sound effects, all made me feel as if I was part of the video itself. This lead to me wanting to improve my video editing skills, constantly searching for free tutorials on YouTube that gradually brought me to where I am today. I’m not saying that I’m an amazing video editor; however, compared to how I started, I would say it’s an impressive progress without any paid lessons.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, most editors require a bachelor’s degree in a field that’s related to film. Video editors not only must have experience on editing software, but they must be professional of digital cameras and camera equipment. Despite these obviously being requirements to become a film and video editor, there are 4 critically required qualities to becoming an efficient and professional editor. Base on the information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, “Film and video editors and camera operators must communicate with other members of a production team, including the director, to ensure that the project goes smoothly.” Which means that you will need a lot of people to work on a long film project; therefore, communication skills is necessary to ensure that the project is completed with as little errors as possible. Next, computer skills is a must when it comes to editing your materials. Film and video editors must know their way around many video editing software in order to execute their visual and audio effects effectively. This one is honestly the most crucial qualities required and it is creativity. As stated on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, “Film and video editors and camera operators should be able to imagine what the result of their filming or editing will look like to an audience”, and that’s something I always do before I work on video project of my own. Just the way I planned this essay, I picture how I will approach my audience and how much information...

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