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A Career In Health Care Services: Nursing

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There is a famous saying that “health is wealth.” I believe that health is of utmost importance when it comes to living a quality life. I have always been stricken by the role that health plays in our lives, thus I have a passion for being a healthcare professional. In order to bring significant changes in the health status of people and promote positive health in the society, I have chosen nursing as a career where I can spread good health through love, care, and support. Recently, I have joined the nursing program at San Francisco State University, and the fact that I am doing nursing makes me feel terrific because it involves taking care, and maintaining health and wellbeing.
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The tireless efforts and hard work that I put into my education has made me an intelligent person and given me the opportunity to gain knowledge pertaining to health. Not only has it made me a successful and a knowledgeable student, but I have also been on the dean’s list every semester which is the biggest achievement for me as a student.
My future goal is to become a nurse and serve my community. I want to expand my education in nursing that will help me to provide the highest level of care and support to people. Nursing would be an enriching profession for me because it would diversify my experience and make me happy when I bring the smile to people’s life. I want to become a part of patients’ lives, have a friendly talk with them, listen to their feelings, and give them strength and hope in their tough times. My goal is to get the education that makes me capable of being a nurse so that I can work in the related field in bringing changes in people’s health. Eventually, I would also want to become a nurse researcher and serve the health care field with new ideas, options and quality care. As a nurse researcher, I would like to address conditions of health care professionals and patients, and build a safe and friendly environment for both the healthcare providers and the patients receiving the care.
Being the first person in my family to go to a university, I am motivated in obtaining an education that gives me the knowledge essential for bringing positive changes in my family, society, and the...

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