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A Career In Public Relations Essay

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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers” (Boorstin). Every aspect of a career in public relations is exciting and self-rewarding. The hours, job description, and clients give public relations specialists an exciting and ever-changing career.
The history of the career field of public relations all started when Julius Caesar hired a team to persuade the citizens that he was doing a good job running the area. Caesar’s influence led to public relations in the Unite States beginning in the 1800’s. Newspapers ran friendly columns to reward advertisers with “free publicity.” Then, in the 20th century, the official job title of “public relations specialist” came into play. Those first public relations specialists were publicity agents and mostly former journalists (Mogel). Now, having a career in public relations most nearly means that a person has the job of creating publicity for a specific brand or person (Lila B. Stair).
Furthermore, a public relations career is much more closely grouped with media relations these days than journalism. In the book, Making it in Public Relations: An Insider’s Guide, it is said that Media relations is the most dominant function of public relations. Its basic role is the origination of press information and the handling of requests from the media about a specialist’s subjects and activities. After all, the main goal of specialists is to present a positive public image of their client to the public (Mogel). The possible types of clients and fields vary wildly from each other. Some specialists can work in public relations consulting firms and hold campaigns for many clients. Other specialists can work in the advertising departments of major brands and work sole for that brand. Also, there is a possibility of not working in a public relations department at all, but in an advertising agency. The jobs that are in large firms or agencies are far more challenging for specialists because they have to be able to present ideas to a wide variety of clients and consumers, rather than one specific target audience.
These jobs in public relations can be very untraditional depending on the working environment. The hours typically consist of 35-40 hours per week, supplemented by occasional evenings and weekends. Those evening and weekend hours are usually spent at special events and parties that must be covered (Ferguson). Another majority of the workday is spent entertaining business associates and current or potential clients in dinner and lunch meetings. These components of the workday make the career interesting.
Depending on your boss and clients, the location of where you spend those odd hours can differ majorly. As mentioned above, there is a chance of working in an agency with many clients, in a large companies communications department, or in independent public relations agencies. If you work in an ad agency or a communications department of a company, you will most...

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