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Good Restaurant Management is vital for succeful businesses. The managers are people in charge of the restaurant to make sure food is good and customers are happy. A Knowledge of Restaurant management creates a good restaurant to run smoothly and go strong so more and more customers come back to enjoy the food, it’s also good to know what restaurant management is, what skills are needed to become one, what operational risks, what career opportunities, and what salary is.
Running a restaurant can be one of the most stressful jobs as well as the most fun and rewarding job. If the manager is a good leader with excellent leadership skills and has great followers, the restaurant will be thankful. If not, the restaurant sales will not be pleasing. While developing a business staff group is important to running a successful restaurant, it is also that management focus on its public relations as well as its sales and marketing strategies (Bureau of Labor Statics). Staff developing is vital for restaurants to run smoothly. A restaurant is composed of two sectors, a Front of House and there’s a Back of House. The front of the house is what is visible to the customers' eye. Customers can’t see the back of the house. Back of the house is where cooks prepare the food and where the dishwasher is located (Bureau of Labor Statics).
Restaurant managers are who are in charge of the hall restaurant, they are responsible on everything, they make sure the customers and food it’s good and greet all customers in. Manager Sammi explained that if a manager develops his staff, it makes the restaurant run smooth. The store will profit, the employees and the guest will be satisfied. If the staff is not getting along, a lot of problems will grow inside the restaurant and cook works will not work with one another as a team. In return the prospect of the restaurant it’s not going to give the profits to the restaurant and the owner (Mc Alpin).
Managing a restaurant is rarely the same each day, managing each employee requires to offer guidance for each other individual employee understand every tasks of each employee its doing and look out for every mistake they do and make. The quality of the workforce to managers to be managing a type of style that must be personal but also authoritative. (Mikes)
Some skills needed to know to manage a restaurant, have to the ability an also be good with technical training communication, human relation skills. Managers need to be responsible and also train and experiences with dealing with customers, they also have to have experiences with fast food or any restaurant they working at, Manager need to know how businesses run (Mc Alpine).
The job expectations should be clear to the staff. Every worker that gets hiring should be the best at their job. The restaurant needs advertising, it’s a big part of the restaurant management, and advertising has come a long way from people newspaper ads and radio spots....

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