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A Career In School Psychology Essay

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Success does not always stem from the amount intelligence we possess; being successful has a great deal to do with believing that we are capable. Working with special education children, has taught me so many things and this is one of them. In my first year as a paraprofessional, I worked with a child who was told he would never be smart. For his first three years of school, his teachers and parents did everything for him because they too, believed he would never be capable to do them himself. Those words and actions affected him more than they could ever imagine. He withheld any confidence or happiness and expressed many negative feelings about himself. On his first day at our school, we started him with basic skills that we knew he could be successful at. We amplified how amazing he was doing every day, we told him how smart he was and we never let him talk negatively about himself. Within a matter of weeks, the confidence that was omit began to appear. He began to get excited to come to class because of all the positive feedback he continuously received. Once he felt capable of success, he was absorbing and understanding what we were teaching alongside his peers. He began to excel to the point that he got the highest math score on a standardized test in his mainstream classroom! It was truly astonishing that as soon as he felt someone believed in him, he learned to believe in himself and he used that confidence to drive his success. The many experiences I have had like this one, reinforce that becoming a school psychologist is the ideal career for me.
School psychology is the perfect career for me because it combines everything I have a passion for in life. I have always found human behavior very intriguing and it has always left me wanting to know more about why we do the things we do. This is why I pursued a bachelor’s degree in school psychology. I want to use my knowledge to help make a significant difference in others lives and being a school psychologist is exactly how I am going to do that.
I also know that school psychology is the right career for me because I have personally experienced hard it is to watch a person in your own family struggle in school. I watched my younger brother struggle in school since the time he was 6 years old. His lack of focus and comprehension hindered him from learning at the same pace of his peers and he quickly fell behind. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and with the help of the school psychologist, an IEP was put in place. I watched how the new strategies and goals implemented in his education began to make success achievable for him. I believe the job of a school psychologist is a necessity for many children to thrive.
Working as a special education paraprofessional is the last thing experience I needed to solidified that school psychology is the right career path for me. I have the utmost passion for working with children and I have found it extremely...

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