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A Career In Surgical Nursing Essay

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Surgical Nursing requires a special person to meet the demands of the precision this task calls for. It is a fine-tuned art that requires keen senses to have the ability to multitask with precise perfection to ensure the patient will be afforded the utmost care, comfort, safety, teamwork among staff, and confidence they should expect in a situation that does not exhibit the best of times in their life. In this paper, we will inform the reader of the meticulous role of the surgical nurse, salary range and job availability, pros and cons, and how the patient takes number one priority in order for them to receive the best care possible within the Surgical Nurse’s scope of practice.
Role and Job Responsibilities
Medical surgical nursing is the framework for all nursing practice. Prior to modern day nursing, almost all nurses were medical or surgical; that is where all nurses started. Medical surgical nursing, once an entry-level position, has evolved to a specific specialty. Rather than a stepping-stone, medical surgical nurses are the backbone to most all institutions. These nurses specialize in the care of patients with surgical or non-surgical conditions. This group of healthcare providers accounts for one of the largest and in most demand. As a medical nurse, you will have a very complex job. You work as an advocate and health educator for your patient. That could mean managing as many as five to seven patients at a time. Medical surgical nursing is not the easiest but many find it very rewarding and find satisfaction, that no two days are ever alike.
As a medical surgical nurse you work with your patients before, during, and after surgery. Before surgery you want to explain the procedure to them and help prepare them both physically and emotionally; you want to ease any fears they may have. Assisting during the surgery can require passing instruments to the surgeon, making sure vitals are within normal limits, and also suctioning if need be. Alongside surgical nurses, there are circulating nurses who work more as a patrol officer. They walk around the room and make sure that everything stays within certain standards and most importantly continues to stay sterile. As a surgical nurse you can work in general surgery, day surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, surgical oncology and more. ¬¬¬
Professional Growth, Promotion, Availability, and Salary Range
Registered nurses are the largest healthcare occupation, holding over 2 million jobs in 2010 ("Registered nurses ," 2012). Of those 2 million 48% were employed at general medical and surgical hospitals. The estimated job increase over the next ten years is 26%. In 2020, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects there will be about 3.5 million job opportunities. Typically, in a hospital setting there is a high turnover so the demand for registered nurses is great. However, operating room nurses are more likely to continue in this specialty versus pursuing a different type...

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