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A Career In The Armed Forces

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One of the largest and every growing career fields in the U.S is in the armed forces whether its the Marines,Air Force, Navy, or Army each offer a widespread variety of job opportunities some general and others more specified to a certain career field like medicine or Mechanics. However to first be able to enlist in the armed forces one must take the ASVAP which is a general test covering different areas from math to english to basic knowledge. Every branch has a set score which is the minimum score they require to enlist some are higher some are lower it varies by branch. The Higher a person scores the better career opportunities will be available to them. The lower the score you will be ...view middle of the document...

A “benefit” under an enlistment contract refers to an entitlement that is offered to all enlistees which includes the GI Bill, military medical, and amount of base pay. These are standardized terms which are not on the table for negotiation and they are actually not included in the enlistment contract.
Enlistment incentives on the other hand are tools the military uses to fill certain hard to fill positions or to attract highly qualified candidates. They are not tailored specifically towards each individual recruit but are set by the military’s national recruiting headquarters. The incentives offered are based on position and qualification and every enlistee with the same qualifications and position will be offered the exact same enlistment incentives. Enlistment incentives like benefits may not be negotiated for during the recruitment process as only the recruiting headquarters has authority to set incentives. Even though incentives may not be negotiated for, recruits should still be wary when high incentives are offered for particular positions. The military often includes high...

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