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A Career In Veterinary Medicine Essay

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I am doing my research paper on being a Veterinarian. I have a strong passion for animals. I have been volunteering at an animal shelter for almost 6 years. I enjoy working with animals and also training them. I would love to pursue my career in this because it is something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.
Veterinarians diagnose animal health problems. They vaccinate against diseases. They also treat wounds and medicate suffering animals with infections. They examine animals and determine what disease or infection they might have. They also educate people on diseases that can spread from animals to humans. Some of the medical equipment they use are stethoscopes, surgical ...view middle of the document...

The difference between a technologist and a technician is a technologist needs a four year bachelor’s degree and a technician only needs a two year associate degree. A veterinary technologist does the actual surgeries unlike a technician. For the most part, they both have the same tasks. It usually takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree and another four years for a DVM degree to be a technologist. (Career in Veterinary Medicine.)
A veterinary assistant is the starting level. Assistants usually run the clinic and care for the animals. They also become experts in keeping animals still so vets can do what they need to do, like give a shot. They talk to the pet owners and prep animals for surgeries or other procedures. Being a veterinary assistant is a great way to boost your career on maybe becoming an actual veterinarian. (Career in Veterinary Medicine.)
Vets can work in any type of environment. Most work in noisy, indoor clinics, long hours and in private rooms. They risk being bitten, kicked or scratched by animals in distress. They can also work outdoors, like with horses and other farm animals. Vets work in all different kinds of weather conditions and may have to perform surgery on an animal in the rain or snow. Vets who work on small animals usually work in a hospital or clinic. One’s who treat larger animals like horses, cows, and pigs work on a ranch or farm. (How to B-ecome a Veterinarian.)
The salary for a Vet in Pittsburgh, PA is $35,343 a year. This is starting out with about $29,106 a year. In 2012 it was recorded that the average salary is about 84,460. The best paid earned 144,100 and the lowest paid earned 51,530. In all, veterinarians make a good living. You start out at a good pay, and it also depends on where you are working. (How to Become a Veterinarian.)
To begin a normal day at a clinic, the pet vet will start off with supervising the staff on preparing the clinic for the day’s business. They sterilize the instruments, clean the examine rooms, and take...

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