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A Career In Web Design Essay

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Web Design is a career in which you create and maintain webpages for businesses and other organizations. I chose this career because I have always enjoyed computers, and the Internet, and a career as a webmaster matches my interest perfectly. This paper tells about the nature of work of a webmaster, the training and education needed to obtain this job, the salary and fringe benefits, and many other things.Basically all webmasters have the same duties. They create and maintain Web sites, interact with people who access them and create new ways to make the whole process faster, friendlier, and more useful. But within those duties there is a difference between an adequate Webmaster and an exceptional one. As a web master you must push the limits because only the webmasters with exceptional skills will get satisfied clients.Software engineers who design the web software depend upon input from webmasters in order to know what features should be in the software and how people would like to use them. There are three different types of web masters, Freelance Webmasters, Corporate Webmasters, and Institutional Webmasters. A Freelance Webmaster is a webmaster who is self-employed. They can work from their homes or their own offices, and don't have to live anywhere near their clients. Some clients have their servers "" equipment that stores incoming and outgoing data and connects the computers with the Internet network through Telephone lines, or Cable. Often a freelance webmaster will offer an all-inclusive package, and buy a server of their own, and then rent space on the server to clients as part of the deal. This option often sells better since clients would rather pay a freelancer for all the services needed than have to buy a server of their own. Many freelance webmasters start out by running their own Web sites and then use this experience to run other web sites for profit. A Corporate webmaster is one that is employed by a business to run their site, and only their site. You are responsible for the creating, maintaining, and updating of their site. The business will usually provide you with an office, computer, modem, and server. Only large businesses that use their website often will higher a corporate webmaster. The last is an Institutional Webmaster. An Institutional Webmaster does the same job as a free lance, and corporate webmaster, except they are employed by a place like a school, research laboratory, or a college. Most Institutional websites are not made for profit but for learning, and are usually paid for by taxpayers.The World Wide Web is accessible to anybody with a computer, a modem, and access to a telephone, or cable line. Therefore webmasters can work in just about anyplace that have those things. Webmasters usually work in comfortable surroundings, and spend most of their time in front of the computer. The wonderful thing about being a webmaster is that you can be...

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