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A Case Concerning A Review Of Visa Refusal In Migration Review Tribunal On 28/7.

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IntroductionThere was a case concerning a review of visa refusal in Migration Review Tribunal on 28/7. Mr Vangu Kitoko was the review applicant, he claimed that he did not receive the require letter from Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs that was requiring he to provide evidence for the relationship between he and the visa applicant - Ms. Mbula Mamie Mututuka. For that reason, he did not accept the visa refusal judged, and required an appeal.Appeal place: Federal Count, level 18, Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney NSW2000.Date: 28th July 2004Court room: 18BCase type: Appeal for visa refusalAppeal applicant: Vangu KitokoVisa applicant: Mbula Mamie MututukaRespondent: Minister For Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous AffairsCase BackgroundMr Vangu Kitoko (appellant) is the sponsor of the visa applicant - Ms Mbula Mamie Mututuka, they claimed that they are couple and intended to marry. Therefore, Ms Mbula Mamie Mututuka apply for the visa, in order to come and stay in Australia. After a long period for application, Mr Vangu Kitoko received a visa refusal from the Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (respondent) on 26 May 2003.It stated: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review, finding that the visa applicant is not entitled to the grant of a Prospective Marriage (Temporary) (Class TO) visa.The appellant (Mr Vangu Kitoko) did not accept the decision, cause the appellant did not receive the requiring letter from IMIA; and therefore, appeal for the visa refusal. Eventually, the appellant got the responds from the respondent (Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs); it stated that they did not receive the evidence about the relationship between appellant and the visa applicant. Consequently, the tribunal affirms made the decision to refuse the visa application by Ms Mbula Mamie Mututuka, but the appellant complained that IMIA did not send letter according to his new address.Court Case on 28/7The appellant (Mr Kitoko) do not satisfy with the appeal result on 26 May 2003 from the Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (respondent). Therefore, he appealed again to the Federal Court this time (28 July 2004).Start processThe appeal court started at 2:15pm on 28 July 2004 at Federal Court room 18 B. Inside the court, it was full of silence and there is a judge's desk in the middle of the room. Before the started of the court, some people had come to prepare for the court. At right hand side, there was a person responsible for recording the whole process into a cassette. In front of the desk there was a lady responsible for preparing document for the court; and, a staff put several law reference books on the judge's desk. Lastly, after appellant and respondent arrived, we all stood up when the judge also came into courtroom. Then, the proceeding...

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