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A Case For Banning Cell Phones In Schools

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Ever since I have been in high school, increasing amounts of people have acquired cell phones. They are causing more disturbances in school because of the cellular devices. Students are using them to harass other individuals. There should be a phone provided for students to make important calls. And lastly, cell phones have even opened new doors for cheaters. There’s really no good reason for a student to use their cell phone during school hours.

There are many schools that already have rules against cell phones for the obvious reasons, and my principal has decided to ban them during school hours. I’m glad my principal has stepped it up and forbidden them during this time. First of all, students can be bullies. When cell phones get involved, things like bullying can be more widespread. Images can be texted, or emailed and can really hurt people Videos can be even worse. Many students, and people in general commit suicide because of bullying, and adding cell phones to the mix only gives bullies more power. Banning cell phones during school hours can prevent a lot of bullying. Unfortunately, this won’t prevent any harassment from going on off school grounds or after hours, but one principal doing their little part could make a huge difference.

When students are at school that is what they should be focused on. Of course that can’t be achieved 100% of the time, because there are so many ways to be distracted. But banning cell phones during school hours will help. If students aren’t allowed to have phones while school is in session, then they won’t be distracted by that temptation in the classroom. Someone’s cell phone ringing in the middle of class would disrupt the learning environment, and be a nuisance to people around them. It takes away from the educational experience when teachers have to get after students for doing something wrong....

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