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A Case Study On Business Ethics Performed By Triodos Bank. Ethical Banking

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BUSINESS ETHICSAn analysis of Triodos bankIntroductionTriodos Bank is a social bank lending only to organisations and businesses with social and environmental objectives. Triodos Bank is well known for its innovative and transparent approach to banking. Savers at Triodos Bank know where their money is working. In 2001 the balance sheet totalled 461.841 GBP.History1968 an economist, professor in tax law, senior organisational consultant and a banker formed a study group to see how money could be handled to affect positive social change.Just over a decade later, in 1980, Triodos Bank was founded in The Netherlands to finance a new generation of enterprises creating social added value and caring for the environment, and to give people new ways to save and invest ethically.In 1990 launched its first green investment fund becoming the Triodos Green Fund I 1997. The Belgian office opened three years later and, in July 1995, the organisation in the UK was established. In 2002 Triodos became the first bank in the world to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) measuring social and environmental performance in its Annual Accounts. Triodos Bank belongs to a widespread network of national and international financial institutions active in the social economy. Triodos Bank is a founding member of INAISE (the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy) and of the Social Venture Network Europe (SVNE). Triodos Bank is a fully licensed bank, regulated by the Dutch Central Bank and by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for the conduct of regulated activities in the UK.OrganisationTriodos Bank is a European bank registered in The Netherlands. The Bank has threebranch offices: in Zeist, The Netherlands, in Bristol, uk and Brussels, Belgium.TriodosBank nv is a Dutch public limited company ('Naamloze Vennootschap ').Triodos Bankis not listed on any stock exchange. To preserve the identity and the independence of the Bank, all our shares are held in trust by the 'Stichting Administratiekantoor Aandelen Triodos Bank ('saat '),a special Trust under Dutch legislation. The saat issues depository receipts for Triodos Bank shares to the public.6,421 investors hold these receipts. Almost 44%of the priorityReceipts are held by 15 financial institutions, investment trusts and pension funds, theRemaining 56%by private individuals. No depository receipt holder may hold moreThan 7.5%of the Bank 's issued capital. Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting are exercised by the saat .The members of the saat Board are appointed by the General Assembly of depository receipt holders following a proposal by the Board of saat and with the Bank 's Management Board approval. The voting rights of each depository receipt holder in the General Assembly is restricted to (a maximum of) 1,000 votes.Triodos Holding NV is a sister company of Triodos Bank, legally separate but organisationally integrated (see the Triodos group structure on page 74 and 75). Shareholders...

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