A Case Study Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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On June 26th, 2013 Peggy Slick asked Tom Blunt on a date. Ms. Slick is a local grocery manager who appears to be responsible for hiring, firing, making decisions. Mr. Blunt agreed to accompany Ms. Slick to Taco Bell on Friday evening, the 28th of June. Mr. Blunt a customer service representative, employee who is responsible for providing the customers with great customer service. From Mr. Blunt’s perspective, the date does not end well. On Monday, July 1st Ms. Slick requested to go on another date with Mr. Blunt. Mr. Blunt denied her request to go on another date. Ms. Slick asked Mr. Blunt four more times to accompany her on a date. After the fifth and final request by Ms. Slick was on ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Slick violated Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 because she sexually harassed him. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Sexual harassment is a branch of gender discrimination. For instance, male or female, employee or client since this abuse causes a misconduct in the workplace. This applies to the law since the actions must be unwelcome. However, employers are liable for inappropriate sexual conduct that caused by their supervisors and are responsible for providing that they look ‘’ reasonable care’’ to prevent or respond to alleged sexual harassment.
It began with Ms. Slick bringing up sex as a conversation topic when Mr. Blunt was working alone; it escalated quickly to her telling Blunt, ‘’ You have big muscles and I wish you would show them more.’’ If Blunt was picking up stock from boxes, she would tell him to ‘’pick more since it is a good view.’’ One day Mr. Blunt was walking past a local gas station and she walked past with a bag of money from the business, stopped, and asked what Mr. Blunt was willing to do for that money. All these times Mr. Blunt brushed off everything she said, simply did not respond or changed the subject. Ms. Slick started a rumor that Mr. Blunt was gay and which ruined Blunt. The next day, he found out that Ms. Slick started a rumor that he was homosexual. When he resumed to work, he walked up to Ms. Slick, and said ‘’ What is up? Why did you start this horrible rumor about me?’’ Although Ms. Slick denied all the comments regarding Mr. Blunt being gay, Blunt was actually stressed and hurt by these false stories about him. Mr. Blunt had always informed Ms. Slick directly not to use unwelcome sexual favors towards him and he told her it must stop. She would not stop harassing Mr. Blunt, which was against the company’s rules.
Based on the evidence, Mr. Blunt will be able to prove that he was right about that fact that he was sexually harassed. Mr. Carrol testified that Ms. Slick stated she thought Mr. Blunt was gay. Mr. Carrol also claimed that Ms. Slick never stopped harassing Mr. Blunt since she was upset that he denied her request to go on a date with her. Mr. Blunt is likely to the win the case rather than he will since trials are unpredictable, he will present the necessary information against Ms Slick. For example, he has witnessed that testified who had heard the rumors Ms. Slick was saying about him. Mr. Blunt testified in court about the horrible stress he experienced from Ms. Slick’s harassed him in the workplace. He also testified that the harassment in the workplace caused him to suffer a great deal of emotional stress. He also discussed the embarrassment and humiliation Ms. Slick had caused to him to the point where he could not sleep at night or ‘’hang out’’ with his friends. He stated that he remains embarrassed over what has happened to him and he would not want anyone else to experience this...

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