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Year 11 Business Studies Assessment TaskDue: 12th August 2008 3:30 Pm.Video Ezy South CityBy Sarah Bradley (Business FeaturesName:Highwater Pty Ltd, trading as Video Ezy South City.This is a franchise store.Location:Video Ezy South City is located at the South City Shopping Centre, 7 Tanda Place Glenfield Park Wagga Wagga NSW 2650.The location of Video Ezy has proved vital with the success of the business. Currently there are 5 movie rental stores in Wagga which makes it a very competitive market. Video Ezy South City is the only movie rental store in the Glenfield area and is the closest store for those located in Ashmont, Tolland, Bourkelands and surrounding areas. This makes an easier option for residents of these areas and they are more likely to hire from a store which is close which gives Video Ezy South City and "edge" over other competitors within different regions of Wagga Wagga.Prime Function:The prime function of a business is its major or main activity and its reason for being. The prime function is the focal point of the business but the business often has support services which assist the business in achieving its prime function. The prime function for Video Ezy is the hiring of movies.Mission Statement:A mission statement is a formal short statement which identifies what the business hopes to achieve and the manner of achieving it. The mission statement also shows the long term direction of the business. Video Ezy's mission statement is:'To provide comprehensive, innovative and dynamic entertainment services, whilst always maintaining the highest regard for quality, responsibility and value for money'Classification of the Business:As mentioned previously, Video Ezy South City is a franchise.Franchising is a way of marketing used by larger businesses. It allows them to sell their name, image and management systems to small business people in return for on-going royalties and commissions. A franchise is the contract or agreement set up to do this. A franchise is a license to operate an individually owned business as if it were part of a chain of outlets or stores. Video Ezy South City decided to become part of the Video Ezy franchise chain because Video Ezy is a respected business known for quality, reliability, great service and affordable prices, which is an imperative image for a movie rental store within the competitive market in Wagga.Advantages of a Franchise:Management Training and Support: The franchisors offer managerial programs to franchisees prior to opening a new outlet as well as follow up training. Video Ezy often runs courses and workshops for franchise owners to give them advice on better ways to conduct their business.Brand Name Appeal: Franchisees purchase the right to use a well-known and advertised brand for a product or service. Video Ezy is the most well known movie rental store within Australia and has gained mutual respect throughout the community. This has proven very beneficial at Video Ezy South City as...

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