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A Cask Of Questions Essay

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In a brilliant story, there are many variables that can make a story a miniscule one to a best-selling novel. In one of these variables, it is plot that is the most “hard-hitting one.” Although the setting, rising action, and falling action are very important key components in a text, they are not the most “suspense-filled” moments in the story. However, it may not always be the climax, either. In some horror and dramatic books, it is the ending, or resolution, that catches the readers’ final eye. When a story finishes with a suspense-filled moment, it is more often than not referred to as a “cliffhanger.” An important book that this concept can be reflected upon is by a well-known author, Edgar Allan Poe. In the book, The Cask of Amontillado, by Edgar Allan Poe, there are many qualities that make such a suspenseful ending, such as the previously noted cliffhanger, the whole scenario relating with death inside of death, and the murderous aspect of it all.
To begin, the cliffhanger that dwells in the ending of this text is so explicit that readers cannot help but wonder, What happens next? When Montresor buries Fortunato alive, there is this looming presence of what his next move will be, now that his revenge has been fulfilled. With a cliffhanger like that, there are many questions that could be asked. Will he get caught? How did Fortunato actually die? Overall though, I believe that the initial question that readers always ask themselves is as follows: What happens next? We must always be anticipating the next step. As the final words of the story are said, “In pace requiescat! (Page 68)” The dark and gloomy atmosphere ends with a bone-chilling conclusion that will always leave readers wondering these questions.
Secondly, The irony of Fortunato being killed inside a catacomb just adds to the suspense that us as readers can understand, but Fortunato’s ego couldn’t. It is clearly...

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