A Cbr Based Approach To Itil Based Service Desk

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Many organization’s customer service and technical support department like to use Service Desk systems. It is crucial to provide a convenient and fast method. In this paper the Incident and Problem Management of ITIL framework are described and used as the underlying structure of Service Desk and then CBR technique is selected for the main implementation technique after make a comparison between CBR and RBR. Lastly, this paper actually tries to work on new perspective by adopting Knowledge management techniques with Services Desk systems.

The Knowledge Management Service Desk has attracted attention. By adding Knowledge Management to the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), the importance of Knowledge Management in IT organizations is observed more than ever. Service Desk makes the accessibility and availability of IT organization’s services in supporting the agreed IT service provision become easy. By using Service Desk the reception, response and troubleshooting of end-users’ issues regarding organization’s services are solved. There are several problems in Services Desk topic. First is the acquisition of the knowledge about information technologies supported by Service Desk. The technicians must have the knowledge of information technologies to solve the reported incident. But, nowadays the information technologies are increasing rapidly. The other problem is to finding proper solution when technicians do not possess the knowledge over domain to find the solution in term of time consuming. Knowledge Management can be describe as a technology that increases our understandings and helps the organizations to make decisions and solve problems more effectively by providing strategy, process and technology to spread information and experiences. This paper proposes a Case-based Reasoning (CBR) as a technique in Knowledge Management.

The goal of Incident Management is to restoring the normal operation of services as quickly as possible with the minimization of the incident’s impact on business and customer satisfaction according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed-upon with the customer. There are five general activity line of Incident Management. The five general activities line is incident acceptance and recording, classification and initial support, service request initiated, matching, resolution and recovery, and closure.

The Problem Management key objective is it would be preventing problems from happening and minimize the impact of incidents without proper solutions. There are two concepts in Problem Management that could save the organization a lot of time and resources. First concept is problem identification and recording. Any incident with unknown cause should be identified as a problem and there will be chaos in the Problem Management. Then, the technical teams will be faced with many unnecessary problems. Consequently,...

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