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A Change In My Life Essay

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My last weeks of school and personal life have been a little bit interesting. Everything that I knew had changed in front of my eyes. I always knew that things in life never stay the same because in that way, life will be too boring and uninteresting. However, I did not expect them to change so fast and so soon.
Lucky for me, my professor in my ENC1102 class introduced me to two great stress release: yoga classes and the WOW Center (CHC) which is a place for special people. Yoga and CHC have been the best support for me in these crazy and hard days of my new life. Dashama, who is a professional from the Pranasham Yoga Institute and a condecorated writer, expressed this in the website “If you practice these techniques and implement the health tips, it certainly will help to keep you on track with any of your life goals.” (Dashama, 2014) I have been keeping this phrase in my mind during the exercises and my visits to CHC to focus in my objectives, but the best part is that it is not only helping me during these moments, the benefits are following me everywhere I go. They maintain me in peace and calm must of the time.
How I expressed before these past days have been not the easier of my life. I became crazy when I realized that my life had turned around and that it was completed different. I was afraid of the change. I think I still am. I had a lot of things on school going on: tests, projects, speeches and this essay for example. In addition, my father has been in little problems too. He has been more than four months without working. He spent most of his saving in a vacation in Cuba and to finish every time he had tried to work a new problem appears. On the other hand, I got a new job that the favorite time for my manager to put me is weekends’ drawings, and I know, the last one is not a problem, but it is still change. With all these things in my mind, I was stressed out. Life had changed in 180 degrees. I was complete lost, and I did not what to do when I recognized I needed to give a shoot to what I was learning in my class.
To begin, I decided to practice more frequently the viyassa style that we all have been doing during the semester. There was only one problem. The more that I practice the more I realized that it was not my style. Having into account that I never practice exercises in my life, it would not surprise anyone. I became lazy, and then I did not want to practice it anymore. However I did was aware of something. Although, I was not putting all my mind and body to the practices, yoga was having an effect on me. It was so little, but I could feel it. My mind was so full of unhealthy thing that the release I was feeling for yoga felt incredible good. In that moment, I was drive in to an article of famous man and writer, Gary E. R. Schwartz. In this paper the Gary wrote “Mindfulness meditation interventions have recently shown benefits for reducing stress in various populations…”. It was a studied explained how...

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