A Changing Frontier: Technology Affecting Human Resources Management (Includes Executive Summary, Bibliography, Parenthetical Documentation, And Table Of Contents)

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::BEGIN MAIN BODY::A Changing Frontier===================Human Resources Management is an area that is constantly growing and changing to meet the new demands and challenges of a forever-evolving work force. What was once labeled "personnel" and associated with a reputation for being highly administrative and dealing solely with lots of paperwork, the field has transformed itself into the strategic entity it is today. The changes, however, haven't stopped there. While bringing both pros and cons along with it, technology has spearheaded into the forefront of human resources management.* Technology Affecting Human Resources ManagementTechnological advancements have improved the ways we communicate, revolutionized how we learn, and expanded our capabilities. Whether it is the invention of a new machine, moderations to an existing one, or the discovery of a new application for an existing technology, the field is forever growing and expanding. In the early stages, it may seem like more of a hassle than it's worth to keep up with these changing trends. It always proves worthwhile in the end, however, as new technologies bring both increased proficiency and productivity.As increased proficiency and productivity are main goals of any human resources personnel, it's no wonder technological advancements are continually being embraced in this field where the mission is always to do more with less. In order to make the most of their highly protracted time, workers in HR are using technologies such as computer-assisted interviewing and employee self-service, as well as a variety of other technological tools, to make the most out of their time--time that's already scarce.Computer-Assisted Interviewing: Helpful or Harmful?===================================================Traditionally, the interviewing process has been managed and conducted solely by human interviewers from start to finish. With lengthy piles of applications, resumes, and the like to sort through, the process has always required a great deal of paperwork on the part of human resources personnel. Additionally, a great deal of time must be invested into screening out potentially good applicants from potentially bad ones. As a result, computer-assisted interviewing tactics are being employed.* How Computer-Assisted Interviewing WorksComputer-assisted interviewing is changing how companies recruit and select in ways that couldn't have been anticipated a few years ago. While this field is still in it's early stages, it is growing rapidly as it continually proves and reproves its benefits and worth to employers (Thornsburg 73). One company in specific that has benefited from computer-assisted interviewing is Nike. They use several different features of the technology in different areas of their recruitment process as they see fit (Thornsburg 75).Logically, the beginning of the recruitment process is where they chose to start. For one endeavor, the company initially began with 250 job postings to...

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