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Rabia (a novel)
Once it was called the Kumaiti Chowk but now it had been renamed, Madni Chowk in the much more delicate way, after a famous cleric of India, Hussain Ahmad Madni, who had fought against the British during the freedom struggle. It was a famous square of the village where many roads met and diversified. It used to connect them with the rests of the world, easily. In the past, it looked deserted and forlorn, but now, it was buzzing all the time with many types of business activities. Many shops had been opened and even at some distance, there was a small petrol pump, though it did not sell petrol but diesel.
Nearby the Chowk, a new Basti had come up very recently. It was called the Mohalla of Chamars, the people of the scheduled caste community. They had migrated from the village here after selling their lands and plots on which their small huts were once situated. It was a big village and as the population grew and the prices of the land increased sky-high, they decided to move to reap the benefits. Another important reason behind their opted migration was that there they used to live on smaller plots earlier but now out of the village, they could live much freer on bigger plots. Here, they could enjoy their full freedom which was rare and scant in the village. They would drink freely and play music and dance. In their small community group, there was a musical Band, which was very popular, known as Mohit Band and had employed many youths.
They would cater mostly to the needs of their own Hindu brethrens because, among Muslims, their demand was none to anything. They would never be called by them to play the music on any occasions, save during some processions of the Taziaz during the holy month of Moharram. But now, this age-old tradition was decaying and dying and had ceased to enforce any type of charm and emotions among the villagers. They had become...

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a chapter

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745 words - 3 pages The Written Word: When something is written, be it by hand, typed, or printed, it becomes tangible evidence. It carries more weight than that which is given by word of mouth. Dostoyevsky's use of the written word in this chapter shows the avoidable. Porfiry knew that Raskolnikov was a client of Alonia's b/c "Both items, the ring and the watch, were at her place, wrapped up in the same sheet of paper on which your [Raskolnikov's] name was clearly

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