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A Character Analysis On Monya Elson From The Non Fiction Book Red Mafiya, By Robert I. Friedman.

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Character AnalysisMonya Elson, a name many people have never heard, but for those who have are most likely resting in their deathbed. Elson is one of the most feared hit man in organized crime. He helped put the Russian mob as one of the most ruthless mobs around. Monya Elson grew up to become a natural born criminal, later invading America, and becoming an impossible target to kill.Before coming to America Elson lived in Russia. He grew up knowing that he would not cut it in life making an honest buck. He joined a local street gang, where they did nothing but start fights. "We used to go from neighborhood to neighborhood to fight. The only reason we did it was to show that we were strong and not afraid," Elson said. Later when Monya graduated to one of the higher steps in Russian street gangs and became a skilled pickpocket. Monya was ruthless in this his words on this are, "Don't show pity or regret when you kill someone. Don't even think about it." When Elson reached twenty-six he already was married with two daughters, and was flourishing in his gang life. When Russia came under new law they made a deal with America to let over 66,000 Russians immigrate to America. What America did not know was three fourths of those immigrants were criminals straight out of the KGB. Where Monya than was forced to leave Russia and welcome America.When arriving to America, he heard of a place where most of the Russian immigrates settled and joined them there in Brighton Beach. Elson soon learned that pick pocketing would not make it out here in America as he described it "One thing that disappointed me about America is that people did not carry money, everything is credit...

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