A Character Sketch Of Gregor From The Story "Metamorphosis"

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Gregor Samsa was the main character of the story "Metamorphosis" done by Kafka. In the story, he shares a relationship with three people of his family. He had a relationship with his mother, father and sister. The relationship he had with his sister was the most important of all and the strongest relationship he had with any family members.In the beginning of the play before Gregor realized his metamorphosis, his life was limited to working and caring for his family. Gregor working to pay off his family debt has resigned him to a lifetime of work. As a traveling salesman, Gregor worked long hours and he didn't get to experience much of life. He took his work very serious.When Gregor was transformed into an insect, a beetle, he lost his job. The office manager told him he no longer had a job. Gregor couldn't work because of his current state and occupied most of his time by staying in his room. In his room he would crawl around and listen to things the family would say while they were in the kitchen and the living room. His sister who cared for him so much took care of him. She made attempts to find out what he eats, to make him feel comfortable, and to anticipate his desires. Grete, in an act of goodwill and love toward Gregor brought him things to keep him company and cleaned his room so he can crawl. Gregor appreciate the work but he didn't like the job his sister did and he didn't want her to do all this work....

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