A Character Analysis Of Several Of The Characters From Flowers For Algernon By Daniel Keyes Including Charlie, Alice, Professor Nemur, And Rose

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Charlie Gorden:Charlie had many actions throughout the book. There were many different things that motivated his actions. The things that motivated his actions are very dependant on what time in the novel they occurred. First of all, when Charlie was in Ms. Kinnian's class, wanting and wishing to be smart, that is exactly what motivated him to be in that class: he wanted to be smart. This is also what made Charlie want to take the operation so much. He wanted to be smart so bad that he'd do anything to get smart, including having an operation. After the operation, Charlie began having races with Algernon. What motivated Charlie to try so hard in these races, was that he wanted to be smart, and if he would beat someone in a maze, it would tell him that he's at least smarter than someone. This would have made Charlie feel good and successful, so he tried hard. Eventually, Charlie started getting smarter and developed more. He began starting to have a relationship with his old teacher, Alice Kinnian. He keeps trying to pursue this relationship with her because he thinks that he loves her. He doesn't know that he isn't really ready for that kind of relationship, and it ends up not working out until a lot later in the story. The next major events in Charlie's life happened when he went to the science exposition with Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss. As he sat listening to them give their presentation, he heard them talking about him like he was some sort of creation and not a human being. This began upsetting Charlie so he started wanting to let Algernon out of his cage. Then, when Professor Nemur kept going on about their data, Charlie realised that they had made a mistake in the period of time they had waited to see if the intelligence change would stick. This caused Charlie to get upset so much that he let Algernon loose. This lack of observations that they had, also is what caused Charlie to find Algernon himself and run away with him. When Charlie runs away, he gets himself an apartment so he can be alone and have a place of his own to stay. Here, he meets a girl named Faye. He begins developing a relationship with her and in a way uses her. His motivation for this was to try and get rid of the "old Charlie" that was still with him so that he could be with Alice. Now that Charlie was smart, he wanted to see his parents and his sister to show them what he had become. He wanted to see them because he wanted them to be proud of him and realize that he wasn't this hopeless case like it seemed when he was young. However, when it came to meeting his dad, he changed his mind about telling him about who he really was because he realized that he was a totally different person now. Since Charlie thinks that he is going to end up getting to the intelligence level he was before, it motivates him to view the place that he'll go if he does in fact become that way. During that same time, while Charlie is still with Faye, he begins to work on a project...

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