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A Look Into The Death Of Queen Cleopatra

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It has been over 2000 years since Cleopatra drew her last breath, ending the rule of the pharaohs in Egypt for good. In the years following her death, there have been many theories as to how she might have died. The most widely accepted theory is that she committed suicide by allowing herself to be bitten by a venomous snake and it is the theory that has been written in most history books as historical fact. Yet, there is increasing evidentiary support that would suggest that her alleged suicide was in fact a homicide. Though, it is hard to find incriminating evidence for something that happened so long ago, the minds behind this theory believe that by using investigative practices of the modern age they are able to piece together the truth of her death. By looking into Cleopatra’s past one can discover that she was not a woman who would just give up, that she would never be capable of her historical suicide.
From the early years of her life, Cleopatra learned that to gain the thrown in the dynasty of the Ptolemies it took a lot more then sheer knowledge. She did however have a very good education in which she knew how to speak seven different languages and was the only Ptolemy to have know how to speak Egyptian and Greek ("The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra"). It is clear that even from such a young age Cleopatra was driven to succeed. It appears that it wasn't enough for her to just be educated, but to surpass her siblings and quite possibly her own parents. This was soon proven to be so once she inherited the throne and problems began to ensue. With the title of pharaoh came the marriage to her younger brother, though neither one was willing to share that power together. Soon after taking the throne her brother was found murdered, possibly at the hands of Cleopatra herself ("The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra"). If she was willing to kill her own brother to ascertain total control, then she may have been willing to do anything to keep that control.
With the murder of her brother looming over her and his blood on her hands, Cleopatra was concerned that she too would be subject to assassination as pharaoh. In hopes to protect herself and her power she aligned herself with the Roman Empire and so began her infamous affair with Julius Caesar ("The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra"). This would have propelled Cleopatra into the Roman political scene, allowing her to take from their twisted inner workings and use them to further her own political aspirations. She was soon known through out Rome as a force to be reckoned with, though to most Romans she was seen as an exotic temptress whose fangs were poised and ready to draw blood. Then when she bore Caesar a son, Caesarion, this only added to her acclaim ("The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra"). Her rise was not impeded with the death of Caesar for she soon found herself in the arms of yet another famous Roman, Julius Caesar’s ally Marc Antony. Together they planned to overthrow the Roman empire and rule side by...

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