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A Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program At

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The purpose of this study is to develop a child sexual abuse treatment program is to create awareness among overall community members towards child rights protection and child safety. It plans to implement this program in the schools of the county of Florida; Okeechobee.

Child abuse is the biggest problem for any society. It has become a major issue for discussion due to its seriousness and brutality.
Through research it has been found that one out of ten children has the probability to get abused before the age of 18 years. It causes mental trauma and a continuous pain to those who have faced it, an unforgettable incident which will always haunt them. It has been found that ...view middle of the document...

There are a lot of risk factors linked with this problem. The child bears the entire trauma, sometimes family does not support. They take it as the children’s fault. Siblings, relatives, all if do not support than the victim feels lonely and can commit suicide or harm himself. It is worth noticing that male victims face greater difficulties in gaining the old confidence again.
Child neglect is one of the highly and commonly reported issues registered with various regulating authorities. Neglect can be social, mental, physical, emotional, or behavioural. It is describes about the relationships between various family members and is the main cause leading to child crimes or suicides, depression or addiction.

This program focuses to become a supporter to other worldwide child protection programs by reducing the difficulties which the children face.
The program of child sexual abuse treatment is planned to be located at Okeechobee a county in Florida. The population in 2004 was about 5,784. The place is known for the Speckled Perch Festival held annually in the honour of Lake Okeechobee.
The 2000 Census shows that this county had an average density of 1,302 people per square miles. There are five elementary schools in this county including the south elementary, Seminole, Central, North and Everglades elementary schools. It has two middle schools Osceola middle school and Yearling middle school. The high school has a 9 grade centre and a tenth, eleventh and twelve grade centres. The private school in the place provides education form K-12. This program will focus on providing education related to child abuse in these schools.

What is meant by Child Sexual Abuse ?
A child sexual abuse is said to happen if a person sexually abuses or exposes the child to sexual acts or behaviour. It is the exploitation of the child, which shatters his innocent mind’s trust over others. It may result into serious illness mentally or physically of the child.
The facts and figures show that about 1 in 3 girls and about 1 in 7 boys are sexually harassed during their childhood.
A large number of children are shocked and frightened to the extent that they cannot tell anybody about the harassment. It is because of the threat by the person who has done the abuse or some time the child is so small that he cannot understands what has happened.

Most of these incidents are therefore not reported to police.

A number of organisations and the Government have come forward to prevent child abuse.

Who will lead the Child Abuse treatment Program?

A team of the following members will be made to solve the problems of children:

• People from Non Government Organisations
• A specialist in imparting education for prevention.
• The counsellor, who will counsel the students accordingly.
• legal experts
• Parents of the children
• Teachers


To organise this session the company will take the help of child abuse prevention centres, rape crisis centres, and local...

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