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A Childrens Book Helping Them With The Abc's

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ABC Jungle Once upon a time in a happy little jungle called ABC Junglelived a happy Monkey family. There was a momma monkey a daddymonkey and two small boy monkeys. The oldest boy monkey namedTimmy and the younger boy monkey was named Tommy. Tommy askedTimmy early one morning, "Will you teach me my ABC's?"Timmy being the older brother and knowing his ABC's said, "Okay we'llgo for a walk through ABC Jungle and learn the ABC's before the endof the day." Timmy and Tommy started their walk about 10 yards fromthe house, Timmy tells Tommy, "There is 26 letters in the alphabet, andA is the first letter and Z is the last letter." Tommy in shock, "26letters, I'm never going to learn the alphabet!" Timmy supporting, "It iseasier than it sounds," While walking they saw their friend a Gorillanamed George eating fruit. Timmy goes up to George and asks,"Is thatan apple?" "Yes" George replies. Timmy tells Tommy, "Apple starts withA." Tommy says to him self, "A is for apple." All of a sudden a fruit batswoops down and grabs the apple. Tommy screams "HELP!!" Timmytells Tommy, "It's safe." Timmy lets Tommy know, "Bat starts with B, thesecond letter in the alphabet." Tommy says. "A is for apple and B is forbat." George says, "That bat must live in that cave next to that big tree."Timmy says cave starts with C Tommy." Tommy says to Timmy "ABC!""That's correct!!" Timmy cheerfully says. "Tommy, it's time to keepwalking because a dangerous snake is headed this way!" complainsTimmy. As Timmy and Tommy were walking Timmy explained toTommy that dangerous starts with D. Tommy exclaimed "ABCD!"Timmy proudly said, "You got it, I told you, you'd get it!" Tommy says,"Look Elli the elephant is headed this way." Elli says loudly, "How areyou monkeys doing?" Timmy and Tommy reply, "Fine thank you forasking." What are you boys doing out in the jungle today?" Timmyanswers, "I'm teaching Tommy his ABC's." "ABC and D is what I'velearned so far" Tommy says proudly. "For the next letter you can useelephant it starts with E." Elli says. Tommy happily says, "ABCDE!"Timmy and Tommy both say, "Bye, thank you for the help." Timmy andTommy both start walking to the pond. Tommy noticed a frog on theother side of the pond and tells Timmy. Timmy says, "Frog is a goodexample for f, the sixth letter of the alphabet. Tommy gladly says,"ABCDE and F. A is for apple, b is for bat, C is for cave, D is fordangerous, E is for elephant, and f is for frog. And g is for grape.ABCDEFG!" Momma says "wow, that's great and for dinner we'rehaving hamburgers, I got the hang of this! "Momma can we have someice cream before we leave." Timmy asks. Momma answers, "yes, onlybecause both of you have been working so hard. "Boys the next letterin the alphabet is I, like in ice cream. Tommy asks, "can we have jellofor desert after dinner?" Momma answers, "only if you finish thealphabet before dinner." Timmy tells Tommy, "J is the next letter inthe alphabet like jello." When Timmy and Tommy were done with theirice...

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