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A Christian Perspective On Genetic Testing Of Embryos

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Gina Kolata’s article, Ethics Questions Arise as Genetic Testing of Embryos Increases (2014), explains that as the increase of the testing of embryos for parents to choose whether or not to have children has also brought its ethical questions in the light. Kolata uses the Kalinskys case, a family in the article, and how their neurological disease, Gerstmann-Straussler-Schinker (GSS), has raised questions for ethicists who have looked into the case. Kolata’s purpose in writing this article is to inform the audience on the growing topic of embryo testing and also the ethical question that also accompany in order to have the audience to develop a personal view on the issue. Given how the author explains the technical terms used within the article, Kolata is writing to an audience that is not fully aware of genetic testing.
Amanda Kalinsky found out that she had inherited GSS and was told that there was a possibility that if she were to ever to ...view middle of the document...

” Also to discard embryos that care a gene defect can increase the risk for the disease.
As a Christian, we must first recognize that diseases of all forms result from the fall of Adam from Genesis 3:16-19. Also in Romans 8:18-22, Paul tells us that we have to consider that we have present suffering, but is incomparable to the coming glory of Christ. We also have to consider: Why do we have such sufferings such as GSS? In Second Corinthians 1:4, Paul tells us that we go through such sufferings so that we can comfort others that might experience the same suffering later on line life so that people that do experience such sufferings will understand that they are not alone (1:6). In the end, we go through all this pain to learn to ultimately to trust in God and not ourselves (1:9).
In playing with genetic embryos and creating virto fertilization, we could possibly playing God. Genesis 1:26-27 explains that we were ultimately created in God’s image and that He has the right to create us. After all, He created everything. Jeremiah 1:5 tell Christians that even before God created us, He know who we are. He know the number of hairs, the colors of our eyes, and even the possible sickness that we were going to possibly have. We imitate God when we try to take the creation of others into our own hands. We are in the wrong when we try to play God in any form or matter. Philippians 4:13 reminds us that only through Christ we can do anything because he strengthens us. Those who try to even speak another way or provide another way are wrong in the eyes of God (Gal. 1:8). At the end o the day, despite the tragedy and the pain, Gen. 1:31 says that when God saw everything that He created, He saw it to be very good. Those who argue with the creation that God has “is like a broken piece of pottery lying on the ground,” as stated in Isaiah 45:9-12. Can we honestly say that God’s creation is wrong? Ecclesiastes 7:13 asks us can we possibly make straight what God has made crooked. In closing, remember that God has a plan for each and every one of us that is to help us prosper (Jer. 29:11) and that if we take God’s plans and turn them into our owns, can we honestly be “ethically justified?”

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