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A Christmas Story Essay

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Indeed the night was grey, just like every other December 23; a twinkle in the star stared at Vince as the wind whistled past his ears. Soon enough, the moon went to sleep and slowly disappeared into the rising sun.
The Christmas spirit was in the air as tourists rushed busily about at Honolulu's Sea Life Park. As other penguins squealed with happiness when children visited their exhibit and eager parents snap photos. Vince, on the other hand, had a stormy cloud hovering above his head. He watches the visitors in disdain because he, for one, hates Christmas. Every year during the holidays, he becomes an outcast among the other penguins of his display and is ridiculed.
In disappointment and anger, Vince wanders towards the edge of his exhibit where a young boy, which he later knows as Jack Frost, kindly opens the gate and sets the penguin free to waddle to his content. Lost in the large park, Vince roams into the manager's office where out of malice, he began prank calling people. While reading through the manager's email, he discovers the manager's greatest secret: the manager is a wizard capable of magical powers and teleportation. When Vincent touches a port-key, he got transported to the place where is would least want to be: in Winterland.
Suddenly, Vince jolts upward and hits a mysterious woman in the face. Mrs. Claus, startled by his abrupt awaking, welcomes him. Vince is not the least bit jolly as he realizes he is in a place of Christmas spirit. Convinced by Mrs. Claus' tempting promises, he agrees to try to reveal Christmas to himself and try to enjoy this amazing time of year. Together, Vince and Mrs. Claus stroll through the streets watching families sing holiday tunes, enjoy extravagant feasts, and open gifts on Christmas morning. At the end of this tiring day, Vince goes back to the earliest of Christmases when Jesus was first born as he observes Mary and Joseph in a manger and their genuine happiness of the birth of the Lord. As night falls, snow slowly falls. Mrs. Claus, decked in her white and red snow gear has a snowball fight with Vince and they build a snow fort. When Vince finally drifts to sleep, Mrs. Claus bids him farewell.
With a carefree wave of her hand, Mrs. Claus brings Vince to Santa Claus in the Tropical Wonderland. Santa, upon seeing Vince, yells in delight at the new visitor. The same cannot be said for Vince, however, as he groans in misery at meeting yet another merry member of the Claus family. Together, the two read letters written to Santa by children all over the world. They wrote back to those anticipating children as they imagined the children's...

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