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A City For The Stronger Essay

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In Plato’s Republic and in the Politics of Aristotle, we encounter different views in how to create justice and wisdom in a city, while both philosophers try to find the best way to rule such city. Plato and Aristotle attempt to create what they believe is the ideal city which can create happiness among its people. Since Aristotle was a student of Socrates we can encounter similarities in their views but at the same time Aristotle presents in his definition of the city what we would call a more modern view of the polis.
It is important to start with Socrates view since, as mentioned before some of his ideas apparently come from Socrates’. Socrates gives his idea of the city in book II of ...view middle of the document...

Socrates believes that a good city is base on a myth and for this reason he needs to address people in such language.
Socrates shows the Nobel lie to define what is justice in the soul but first he wants to “investigate what justice is in like in cities; afterwards let us apply the same inquiry to the individual, looking for the counterpart of the greatest as it exists in the form of the less” (Republic 59). For Socrates, the structure of the city is reflected in the soul and the soul is reflected in the city. For this reason, each sector of the city corresponds to a part of the soul, and each of them corresponds virtue itself. Moreover, Socrates gives us the parts of the soul to put in to the city associating them to the social classes, he gives: the rational, courageous, the appetitive, which created the harmony between the parts of the soul and so will do for the city but by adding it to the social classes. According to Socrates based on the fact that not all human beings are equal, but which have different natural abilities. Plato therefore distributed to citizens in three different classes rulers, warriors, farmers and artisans, who he see represented in the Nobel lie.
In the other hand, there is the description of the city by Aristotle. For him, the perfect description of the city has to do with all the citizens participating in the matters of the city, he thought that a men out of the state (polis) was not considered a human, he was only humanized within the state. For Aristotle, the city is a natural entity, which cannot be compared to an agreement or contract because an order is necessary, man is obliged to be united by its very essence, he mentions that a city “completes and fulfills the nature of a man: it is thus natural to him, and he is himself ‘naturally a polis-animal’” (politics213). Man being a “political animal” is the only thing that separates him from the other animals because he can speak the logos (meaning that he has reasoning.) The main part of a city for Aristotle is the household, which is the base of the city (the households, create the villages, and the villagers end up constructing the cities.) in side of the...

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