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A Cleaner Future: A Comprehensive Pollution Prevention And Reduction Program

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A Cleaner Future: A Comprehensive Pollution Prevention and Reduction Program
Pollution is a major problem globally and it becomes greater as the human population continues to rise exponentially. One of the major problems with increased population is higher waste production, which creates increased air, soil, and water pollution. To resolve this problem waste reduction must be of primary importance in preventing and reducing pollution. Waste management can be an expensive undertaking if not managed correctly so sustainable practices must be addressed. While pollution prevention and reduction programs can be expensive if not managed correctly, waste reduction is essential for the reduction and prevention of pollution. Recycling, Water preservation, Municipal solid waste management, and population stability are the essentials to a cleaner tomorrow.
Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a significant problem globally. The biggest obstacle in waste reduction is public involvement. Society specifically in-developed countries produce significant waste through overconsumption. To address this problem it will take significant public participation. Careful considerations and planning must go into confronting the issue of MSW with the public. According to O'Connell (2011) “Waste and consumption practices are multi-dimensional and the methods for engaging the public in reducing MSW must incorporate feelings, practical considerations, and education.” It is evident that for significant municipal solid waste reduction to occur education and public feelings must be addressed. Without public participation MSW reduction cannot occur.
The pollution prevention and reduction program will take aim at educating the public of the significance of reducing municipal solid waste. Providing practical solutions such as cutting back on the use of single use items and promoting the three R's reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Recycling is an essential part of reducing the amount of waste filling up landfills. Recycling materials cannot only reduce waste but pollution as well. Unfortunately the typical recycling programs such as curbside pick-up and recycling centers require significant commitment from the public to be successful which generally leads to low participation. However there may be a solution to the problem. The pollution prevention and reduction program suggests the use of materials recovery facilities. Materials recovery facilities sort out recyclable materials from other waste products such as compostable items. By sorting out the waste at one central location more items get recycled and waste is reduced without public participation. A recent article by Wang (2010) suggests, “The installation of materials recovery facilities (MRFs) can be an alternative solution to the problem of low participation of voluntary household and curbside recycling in fast-growing cities.” Materials recovery facilities can be a viable solution for waste management problems where...

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