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A Clockwork Orange Intro To Film: Film Genre/Style

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The movie A Clockwork Orange takes place in the future of London. Anthony Burgess originally wrote it. Later on made into a movie, and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie is to represent ultra-violence and how there is no scientific cure yet. The social context is very violent in the beginning showing scenes of rape and assault. The movie shows a violent killer and rapist, and an attempt to cure him that fails.The author of A Clockwork Orange is Anthony Burgess, also went by the name Joseph Kell. He was born on February 25, 1917, in Manchester. His family was ...view middle of the document...

He continued his studies at Xaverian College and Manchester University.When in college he studied the English language, and literature. He finished school in 1940, which was right around World War II. So he now had to serve at the Royal Army Medical corps. He fell in love and got married in 1942, to an alcoholic named llwela Isherwood, who passed away in 1968 due to alcohol.Burgess was released from the medical corp. around 1945, and then started teaching.He held down to jobs from 1946 to 1950. The jobs were a college professor at Birmingham University and a teacher at Banbury Grammar School. He was not writing that much at this point, only studying music. Anthony Burgess completed his first novel in 1949, although it was finished, it was not published until 1965. In 1954 he was an education officer, he then wrote a trilogy. This trilogy included Time for a Tiger, The Enemy in the Blanket, and Beds in the East. By 1959, Anthony Burgess was devoted totally to writing. He lived all over in places such as Italy, the United States, and Monaco. He wrote eleven novels from 1960-1964. In 1962 he put out A Clockwork Orange, which made him famous. Burgess's novel was a best seller, and then made into a hit film. Stanley Kubrick directed the film. This movie fully represents ultra violence.

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