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A Close Analysis On Odysseas Elytis' "The Little Mariner" Focused More On Anoint The Ariston [Xxviii]Section.

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No matter what happens to us or where we go after we die, nature and the world will be here and remain the same. This is the theme of XXVIII from Anoint the Ariston and 8 from With Light & Death. In the following paper, I will describe how in both of these poems, Elytis shows his positive ideology about nature and preserving it and other beautiful things on earth.In XXVIII from Anoint the Ariston we see a great emphasis that no matter how much we advance here on earth, earth will remain the same because of its nature. “All things will change one day and we too with them, but our nature will irretrievably be carved on the geometry we disdained in Plato.” (Lines 2-4)What this really means is that although everything changes nature will stay the same. He continues by saying that it’s all said and done “the same brown hills…same windmills and the same abandoned chapels” (line 7) will still be there. In this poem he also uses a very clever simile to describe the vineyards. He states that they (the vineyards) are asleep like children. What I get from the second paragraph is that earth, is in actually the “humble paradise” we all expect in the after life. All the things our soul craves such as justice, freedom and our true self are on earth if we just know where to look for them.In number 8 from With Light & Death we see a poem with many spaces in between words. The poem consists of twenty-two lines and in those twenty-two lines there is thirty one spaces,...

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