An In Depth Look At 3 American Presidents: Harding, Coolidge, And Hoover. This Essay Describes These 3 Presidents And How They Impacted America During Their Presidencies.

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All and all, Warren G. Harding had a very unlucky presidency, and turned out to be considered one of the least successful presidents in United States history. Calvin Coolidge however on the other hand managed to fit into the pro-business spirit of the 1920s extremely well. What made Coolidge a more worthy president was the fact that he favored government policies that would keep taxes down and business profits up, and give business more available credit in order to expand. Herbert Hoover, was elected in 1928 and it was visable that he was a disaster waiting to happen, even from the start.After Harding was elected president in 1921, the American public desired for what he described as "normalcy", or in other words the simpler days before the Progressive Era and the Great War. Harding spoke great speeches of peace that comforted the healing nation. Even though this president had his good speeches, his judgement turned out to be very poor. Following the beginning of his presidency, it was obvious to the American population that his politics and character would be testedGreatly in the coming years. After WWI, problems arose relating to arms control, war debts, and the reconstruction of damaged countries. He invited many major powers tothe Washington Naval Conference to discuss the problems, even though Russia was leftout because they had a Communist government. At this conference, a major topicof warships was discussed. His secretary of State urged that no more warshipsbe built for ten years and that the five major naval powers-United States, GreatBritain, Japan, France, and Italy eliminate many of their largest warships. At theend of this conference, an amazing turn out was agreed, that the powerfulnations would disarm. Later on the Fordney-McCumber Tariff was created whichraised taxes on U.S. imports to 60%. After all this good doing, scandals hithard. The so called Ohio gang was a huge embarrassment, it was his president'spoker playing buddies. Something on a little bit bigger scale would be theTeapot Dome scandal. The government had set aside oil-rich public lands atTeapot Dome, Wyoming, and Elk Hills, California, for use by the U.S. Secretaryof the Interior Albert B. Fall, a close friend of various oil executives,managed to get the oil reserves transferred from the navy to the InteriorDepartment. After a lot more of activity happening, he was found guilty ofbribery and became the first American to be convicted of a felony while holdinga cabinet position.Coolidge is very well known the idea, "the chief business of the American people is business....The...

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