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A Closer Look At The Organization Of Ceo

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A Closer Look at the Organization of CEO

Question C: A new CEO has been appointed to a large organisation of
35,000 employees. Sales are static, costs are increasing and staffs
appear to be unhappy. She wants to know what is going on.

1. Introduction

With an organisation of huge resources, they are able to afford for a
more in-depth analysis.

Looking into the problem, sales can be static due to various reasons
such as poor product designs, changing market trends, location of the
products placed etc. Costs are increasing may be due to staff stealing
the products or high overhead expenses etc. Staff appearing to be
unhappy could be due to poor sales, office politics etc. This shows
that the three problems may or may not be inter-related.

The purpose of this essay is to look into why the company is not doing

2. Research Question

To evaluate why is the company not doing well in terms of sales, costs
and attitudes of the staff.

2.1 Research Objectives

They are to evaluate:

a. Why are there static sales?

i) Which product line sales are static?

b. What are the factors that contribute to increasing costs?

c. Why does the staff appear to be unhappy?

i) Does poor attitude of the staff affect their working performance?

3. Paradigm

Positivist approach, it looks into the observable data which can be
measured. (Brewerton, Millward 2001).Unlike positivist paradigm,
phenomenological paradigm cannot gather useful data such as changes in
sales figures for further statistical analysis. However it can be used
to examine the staff in their working environment and how it affects
their attitudes. (Berg 1998) This looks in-depth as to why staff
appears to be unhappy.

Positivist approach can also collect such data e.g. due to poor sales
which caused staff to do over-time effecting in increasing costs. It
looks at the causal relationship between the variables – sales, costs
and attitudes of staff, and analyses the data using comparative
analysis. (Blaikie 1993)

Given a large organisation of 35,000 staff, it is too time consuming
to gather a representative data out of the population using
phenomenological paradigm. (Collis and Hussey 2003) Therefore,
positivist paradigm is used.

4. Methodology

Longitudinal studies will provide more defined results, however it is
too time consuming for the CEO to keep track with the research as it
involves forward planning.

Experimental Studies needs to have the staff working in an undisturbed
environment in order to conduct the experiment. However, the variables
cannot be manipulated and controlled in various combinations as it
will cost a lot just to conduct an experiment alone.

Cross-sectional study is mostly preferred for large organisations, as
it is quick and cheap. However, it...

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