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A Closer Look Into Cyber Bullying

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When a child becomes a teenager he or she receives the privilege of unsupervised time on the computer and cell phone. Teenagers abuse this freedom by mistreating other students through these devices. This new generation has become dependent on social networks causing children face their problems through a screen rather than face to face and in person. According to statistics 81% of young people think that bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. Even though social networks are becoming more popular, this does not mean that teenagers should be able to use these cites to harass one another through cyber bullying.
Cyber bullying is harassment that takes place in using electronics by sending harsh text messages, nasty e-mails, and the spreading of rumors by social networks. This type of bullying can happen twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and when a child is alone.
Teenagers are harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or threatened over cyber bullying. This harassment usually happens more than once and can continue for months at a time. It is difficult to erase the damage of cyber bullying off of social network pages because some embarrassing pictures and false rumors are sent anonymously. These victims have no way of erasing something that has been posted and that continues to haunt them. When a teenager becomes a victim of cyber bullying it is common for he or she to handle the situation on his or her own.
There are plenty of signs to detect if a child is being bullied. Victims of bullying tend to skip school and their grades decline due to a lack of concentration. Students are more worried about what others are saying and their safety, then paying attention to their teacher’s lesson. Teenagers show signs of low self-esteem and withdrawal from family members, sports, and activities. They become depressed and think that the world would be better off without them in it. Adolescents might turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the stressful torment. They can also be involved in dangerous activities causing harm to themselves.
Online bullying happens for many reasons. First, a child who has complete unsupervised access to the Internet uses this in an inappropriate way resulting from boredom. To entertain themselves, they start problems, create rumors, and follow through with harassing other teens from their school. Another motive is the fact that online bullies strive for power and control. They complete this action by upsetting others with harsh comments and threats. These bullies crave attention from peers and show no signs of remorse when they are disobeying the rules. Children who have problems at home that result to neglect want to torture others so that way they feel the same as the bully does. The only pleasure these ignored children get is from making another person suffer.
The most common reason for bullying is the manifestation of social status. Teenagers who are known as popular tend to pick on...

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