A Clouded Future. This Essay Discusses The Current United States Foreign Policy And The Effects It Will Have On The Country In The Future.

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A Clouded FutureIn the wake of September 11, 2001 numerous Americans as well as the global community began to question the validity of the United States claim to being the last superpower. With staunch facts put aside, referring to the strength of our economy as well as our military power, the United States seems to be at a loss for another entity that it can put assurance in. With seemingly endless problems arising for the United States, the question must be asked as to whether the United States can find away to survive and keep its global hegemony afloat. Americans must look to a different source of power in order to maintain their global position. What seems to be left, is figuring out where to turn for a new guiding light that will not blur our values but embrace them and allow the United States to be an example for all.The United States has been compared in many respects to the Roman Empire; a civilization that embraced culture, economics, military, and the rights of its people. Although similarities have been formulated between the two cultures, there is an unwavering difference between the too. The Roman Empire lasted from 625 BC to 476 AD, a time span of over 1100 years. Although some historians argue to the actual date that Rome became an empire, the United States has only been around for 230 years. Even though 200 plus years appears to be a long time, it is miniscule to the duration of Rome's success. With over 200 years accumulated to our countries historyand problems mounting, the question must be asked will our fate be similar to that of Rome or will the United States find a way to stay intact.In order for the United States to solve its problems it must first address what its troubles truly are. Although the debates have been heated to as what issues should be on the front burner, many citizens as well as politicians can agree that the war on terrorism, and the war in Iraq seem to be what plagues America at this hour.What is essential to all of these problems is the fact that the United States must find a way to solve these quandaries in a different forum then used in the past. Many countries have viewed the Unites States as a guiding light, but at times we have wavered from our values and principles. The war on terror has been looked at and viewed by numerous critics in an attempt to describe the validity of this war. Although it is not a war that is centered around one common enemy or country the question of a just war still must come into play.Critics of the United States war on terror have argued that the United States military fights against enemy combatants that may or may not be the true enemy. With our on going war on terror, soldiers are left wondering who they are truly fighting since the enemy is not clear and concise. In The Moral Reality of War, Michael Walzer rights that "when soldiers fight freely, choosing one another as enemies and designing their own battles, their war is not a crime; when they fight without...

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