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A College Education At Any Price

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“An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.” I quote the French novelist and philosopher Anatole France. Education is the absolute key to success in life, yet education is one of the most costly expenditure in America. According to tentative California Budget Schedule, $22.5 billion fund is allocated to higher education. There are 112 community colleges in California and 90% of their students received financial aid. On the other hand, private Trades school campuses like Bryman University are everywhere in California. In addition, prestigious private universities like USC and other promising Christian Universities are also well known. Depending on each student’s goal, deciding which and where to pursue an education can be tricky and deceiving. It requires an extensive knowledge and research before making that most crucial and life changing decision. Community colleges and private universities differentiate in size of class, cost of tuition, and the school reputation.
Community Colleges and Private Universities have a substantial difference in terms of size of class. Community Colleges normally do not deprive the right of a citizen to pursue an education. For that reason, Community Colleges have a huge number of students in a class. InFullerton College, say for example, in economics class, the number of students range from 40 to 65 students. It is almost impossible for the professor to get familiar with their students’ first names, although it is not a factor for learning well. Nevertheless, it is indisputable that with that large size of class, students can be distracted, and may have a hard time to focus on their studies. Meanwhile, Private Universities likeBiola University, accept only a small number of students in a class. Their size range is about 20 to 40 students per class. Students can get as much help from their professor to understand the materials well. Furthermore, the students in Private University will have much greater opportunity to achieve their educational goal. It is important to know that the size of the class that the school have depends on what type or kind of class. Laboratory (Environmental Biology) class for instance, never accepts more than 25 students per class, whether in community colleges or private universities.
When it comes to cost of tuition fee, students can distinguish the obvious differences between Community Colleges and Private Universities. As of January 2011, public university like CSU Fullerton charges $2,895.00 of tuition per semester for seven units and more. The parking fee is $220.00, while the cost of books may vary depending in on the course. So, the cost of tuition fee alone averages to $40,000 in four years. Alternatively, top-notched public university such as UCLA is more costly, an off-house student will spend $120,000 for four-year degree...

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