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A Communists' Diary Essay

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December, 1934For numerous days now we have been marching, we left Jiangxi with over eighty thousand troops carrying things that belonged in an office rather than on a battlefield, perhaps that is one reason we lost over half of them when we reached Xiang. The Guomindang showed no mercy as they annihilated us (Trueman 2000-2009).Rumors have now started to circulate throughout the remaining troops that Mao will take over the duties as commander, if this is true I can only pray that his decisions are better than those made by Braun. Some also say that we are no longer pushing for our base in Hunan; instead we will be going to Yanan in the north. This is going to be a long march, I hope whoever is leading us knows what they are doing (Trueman 2000-2009).October 24, 1948The fighting here is fierce, the air raids and artillery shells have rained down upon us without pause. We have already lost an abundance of men, we have to hold the line however; we cannot let the Nationalists escape from Heishan into Lin Biao’s forces coming in from the west, everyone is counting on us, the mighty tenth (Finkelstein et al., 2003).Though many men have been lost our moral is still high, word has circulated that we have already taken control of the major supply routes from Jinzhou to Shenyang and all the way into the Jilin Province. That means no reinforcements for them; it’s just a matter of time before we finish them off (Finkelstein et al., 2003).December 4, 1948We finally have the Nationalists trapped, we chased them from XuZhou all the way to Shuangduiji, and it took us nearly two weeks. We had a great deal of help along the way from the locals however, they fed us, gave us information, and gave us much needed supplies and when we got here we had even found trenches dug for us. We also took in quite a few defectors from the Nationalist side; I guess they knew we would win (Finkelstein et al., 2003).Though we have them surrounded we haven’t done a great deal of fighting as of yet, word is we’re waiting for our tanks to show up. The tanks did an outstanding job surrounding and destroying Nationalist forces last month in Su County; gaining control over the mechanized equipment has really changed the way we are fighting (Finkelstein et al., 2003).January 13, 1949We have been engaged in heavy fighting with the...

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