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A Community Assessment Essay

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East Side Community Assessment and Windshield Survey
According to Allender, Rector, and Warner (2014), public health is a combination of both an art and a science (2014). The mission of public health nursing is to promote health, prevent disease and ultimately prolong life (Allender et al., 2014). In order for this to occur an assessment must take place. An aggregate or community assessment begins with a collection of data. This includes: the community’s health needs, risks, environmental conditions, financial resources through local census data, and a windshield survey (Allender et al., 2014). Through public health nursing, communities can collectively come together to help promote an overall better health standing.
My group’s aggregate is in East Side Community of Buffalo, NY. For this assignment, a windshield survey of East Side Community was completed. The windshield survey is an assessment of the community through my personal observations. This survey will include an assessment of four categories. These consist of the physical aspects, economical standings, services provided, and social aspects of the community. In addition to the windshield survey, local census data was collected. Below are east side community’s results and local census data findings.
East Side Community: Population Characteristics
East side community is in the city of Buffalo, NY. Buffalo, New York is the second largest city in the state and is a part of Erie County (Erie county overview, 2012). Erie County covers approximately 1,058 square miles (Erie county overview, 2012). According to the U.S Census Bureau, the estimated population of Erie County as of 2012 is 919,086 (United States Census Bureau, (USCB), 2012). There are approximately 879 residents per square mile (City-data, 2013). In east side community there are roughly 11,125 people residing since 2010 (USCB, 2012b). The majority of the population consists of White/Caucasians (77.2%) and a small percentage of Black or African American (13.8%) (U.S Census Bureau, 2014). Of these statistics, 51.7% of the population is female (U.S Census Bureau, 2014). These statistics demonstrate east side community’s population.
East Side Community: Windshield Survey Findings
Physical Assessment
The East side community is found east to the city of Buffalo, NY. The community is enclosed by two main roadways including Kensington Expressway (Rt.33) and Main St. Jefferson Ave is the main roadway that runs parallel with the community. The community appeared to be well maintained for its current condition and city location. There were imperceptible signs of loitering and vandalism, however, many buildings throughout the community appeared to be vacant. In the observations, numerous structures had been boarded up on each window. Several structures seemed to be abandoned and depreciated over time. Businesses that appeared to be serving the community either had bars placed in...

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